Our Vendors

Here are Kaleidscope we are deeply committed to working with the local community to source our food and beverages - from the coffee we pour to the pastries we serve, every piece of the puzzle comes from the Bay Area and surrounding areas!

  • Wrecking Ball Coffee - San Francisco, CA

    Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We're working on quickly becoming the area's most recognized purveyor of sustainably sourced, expertly roasted specialty coffee, presented with unparalleled service. Their coffee is a luscious medium roast, offering both espresso blends and single-origin beans at specialty coffee shops around the bay and at home.
  • Tara's Organic Ice Cream - Berkeley, CA

    T.O.I.C. is hand crafted in small batches (2-4 gallons at a time). It is made with only the purest organic ingredients. We do NOT add any emulsifiers or stabilizers to the ice cream. We use fresh herbs and freshly ground spices for each batch to create surprising and irresistible flavors. We work with local farms for the dairy, seasonal fruits, and herbs. T.O.I.C. is about honoring the flavor and not sweetness. We add just enough Organic Cane Sugar to make the ice cream, but it is not overly sweet. Instead we focus on the honest flavor of the ingredients. The T.O.I.C. Sorbets are mainly sweetened with Organic Light Raw Agave. The sorbets do not have any stablilzers or emulsifiers either. T.O.I.C. is made with only essential Organic ingredients.
  • Berkich Baking - Point Richmond, CA

    At Berkich Baking our passion is food – great tasting, good looking food. Our customers think we bake the best cookies ever. We think you will agree. In addition to our regular cookies we now bake Gluten Free and Dairy Free cookies. We set about to make eating Gluten Free and Dairy Free fun and flavorful. Our motto – Shhhh…it tastes so good your kids won’t know and neither will you. We strive for perfection every day. Take the challenge. Taste our food. See why our cookies are simply the best cookies ever.
  • Endorfin Chocolate - Emeryville, CA

    We formulate each of our recipes from scratch using the highest quality cacao we can find, employing just the right amount of whole food sweeteners, spices, & essential oils to let the brilliance of the ingredients speak for themselves. We have chosen not to roast our cacao beans, which allows us to deliver the maximum range of flavor & antioxidants possible with every bar we make. We never adulterate or dilute our products with anything that would cheapen or minimize the vitality-promoting aspects inherent to our unique style of processing, hence the lack of any dairy, soy, or refined sugar in anything we create. In essence, our products unite our old school purist ethos with modern technology & craftsmanship, resulting in a timeless picture of indulgence that is intrinsically sustainable and nourishing to the soul.
  • Steep Tea Co.

    Steep Tea Co. lives and works out of their West Oakland victorian, blending local organic herbs with classic tea bases. We love it and want to share our love of tea with those around us. Our menu is simple, fresh and approachable. We don’t want tea to be fussy - it is as simple as grabbing a cup of joe in the morning. We want to show people that it is an easy, healthy, and fun habit and encourage people to slow down and enjoy the moment. Get steeped or die trying.
  • R&B Cellars - Point Richmond, CA

    At R&B Cellars, we believe that wine-making is as influential and powerful as music. It should be inspiring, full of passion, and have the ability to bring people together to celebrate life, happiness, and community.
  • Fort Point Brewing - San Francisco, CA

    Fort Point Beer Company is a New American brewery - the product of a thriving American craft beer culture, shaped by deeply San Franciscan values: quality craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation. We create balanced, thoughtful beers that reference traditional styles but are by no means bound to them. For us, brewing is the confluence of creative expression and refined technique. We want our beers to tell a story, inspire an idea, and be thoroughly enjoyable.