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    So excited to be joining Point Richmond with its rich sense of community and artists. Kaleidoscope Coffee will be a destination coffee shop truly built around the community, with regular storytelling events, local music, and local art on the walls. YOU are part of the space and part of the story. Like my FB page and stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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Engaging stories. Rich, fresh, lovingly-roasted coffee. Community. Kaleidoscope embraces it all, through storytelling, through a commitment to quality and conversation, through direct trade.  For more information about Kaleidoscope’s fusion of coffee and stories, check out Inside the Kaleidoscope

Storyteller Cassie Cushing brings to life traditional stories for adult and young adult audiences.

HoldingMoonAncient Myths and Folktales reverberate with time-tested messages – understandings of life, love, identity and adventure.  Stories, in general, are for everyone, but some are not meant for little ears.  So, take a night off, leave the children at home, and come to a different, but nonetheless, real world of (sometimes) dark discoveries and dazzling adventures.

Cassie loves the way stories bring people together.  She especially loves to tell old stories – myths and folktales that used to exist in an oral culture.  As a coffee professional and devotee for 10 years, she is working towards opening a coffee shop that will feature regular storytelling events.

  • Word on the Street

    • “Cassy's coffee rocks, well, it actually beans, but whatever.” — Taylor Dewey
    • “Her coffee is good... and she's really nice :-)” — Taylor Dewey

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