The Story Behind The Shop

Dear Reader,

Thanks for taking the time to read more about what we do here at Kaleidoscope Coffee! This is a little bit about the story behind the storyteller, and the owner, Cassie Cushing!


I fell in love with coffee as a barista.  My favorite drink to make: the cappuccino.  My favorite drink to drink: depends on my mood.  When I first started roasting, I knew nothing about Specialty Coffee – this 3rd wave of taking coffee to new levels - but I knew there was a lot to learn and so much potential for upping my game.  I started roasting coffee because I was driven to learn just how good coffee can be.  I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning.  So the story goes.

I was much more surprised when I fell in love with storytelling.  I liked the stories; I liked the research; I didn’t want to be a storyteller – but I didn’t know what storytelling was or how much fun it can be.  With the veil removed, I fell in love.  I research folktales and myths, literally breathing life into them through spoken word.  I don’t read, I don’t memorize.  I learn, I research, I craft.  I balance the traditional with a flavor of personal stories.  I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning.  So the story goes.

We all have a story.  We share stories over coffee.  Coffee has a story.  Kaleidoscope brings that story to you.  As a former coffee roaster who has been involved in both storytelling and the coffee world for over a decade, I focus on direct relationships and the beauty and variety of coffees from different regions.  I want to share the richness of coffee and its story with you.  I want to hear your story and find ways for our stories to support each other.  As a storyteller, I bring folktales and personal stories to the sometimes surprised ears of adults and young adults – that’s right, it’s not just for small children!  I tell dark stories and embrace the metaphor of traditional tales to approach some of life’s trickier subjects.  Painting images, bringing people together.  Could it get any better than with the comfort of a warm, tasty beverage?

This is the world behind the world, and I welcome you to come explore, to learn, and to delight!

Kaleidoscope wishes you happy, colorful coffee times!